Jeans are everywhere! Don’t you think? Let’s bet. If there are 20 – or now let’s even say 8 strange persons, I bet that one of them wears jeans! But why? Why are jeans so popular, why are they not getting uninteresting?

Everything began around 1872 where the textile salesman Levi Strauss was tailoring trousers for the fourty-niners. Because of their enviromental conditions, those guys trousers didn’t last very long. Normal trousers have just been to instable or let’s say to frail. Javob Davis began to add a blank on the upper corner of the trouser pockets. Since he didn’t had the money to register a patent, he asked Levi Strauss who isochronal began creating his trouser with a Denimtextile. Later the fissures have been aggravated with thick orange ones. The first Blue Jeans were born.

They were known as long-life trousers which rapidly nearly every worker bought and used. Critical enviroment conditions have no longer been a problem for those trousers.

Since that day, the jeans has revolutionized the world. You can wear it nearly everytime and you won’t make any mistake. The cut has modified many times and so there are very different models. The color was the first thing that changed since the classic blue has become a bit boring (but it’s still a bestseller). Then tailors used to make bell-bottoms and other modifications. Very popular is the short variation called “shorts”. Women wear “hot-pants” made of Denim. The material looks like a second skin and is fits absolutely tight. That’s why many people have a jeans fetish.

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