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Why do the most people like or even love jeans asses on women? I think it’s because the jeans often fit very tight to the normal skin. So we can say jeans that are worn by women are much tighter than those of the male. In fact of that thight cut is it what the jeans makes it lying on the owners skin so tight. When the material is extended it’s brins begin to clutch and they look shiny and glossy. Now imagine a woman, wearing a tight jeans would bend down to pick something from the ground. Her ass would look gorgeous becaus of the clutched denim which fits over her ass. It would look like the brins would ripp, very hard at the limit! That’s what it makes them look so good.

Here’s a woman with a curvy sexy ass which is covered in blue very tight jeans. You can see her curves very well since the jeans seems to be really tight. She is somewhere in the supermarket and filmed with a cellphone camera or something.

Woman love to wear jeans. Jeans offer many advantages. They don’t leave an to serious impression but also a not so funny one ,about their bearer. They lool a bit rough because of the jeans history and they also look modern because of its modification. So women love jeans because they can wear it according to any cause. They also make the woman look a bist straighter and sometimes even dominant. A further pro is of course that jeans are compatible with allmost every other garment. Women of course like how jeans affect on men. They like it when their jeans are covering their body very tight.