As I randomly entered this page I was a bit shocked that I didn’t knew or heard about it in the past even though it’s not a newcomer-page: terms are showing that it exists about 3 years now and it’s well filled up with about 3.000 pictures and more than 350 videoclips showing sexy curvy candids with girls who are wearing tight jeans, skinny throusers or pantyhose. Tamalozo seems to be the name of the pageowner and he makes those great candid shots. Important for him are curvy asses – so it seems – and I promise you will find more than you can handle there. As you enter the main page you are to choose between 6 buttons.

The first one guides you to the members section. The second one offers 20 really great preview shots.

Videos gives you 5 clips to get a taste of the stuff. Then there are 3 more buttons: the Archive (which shows you the last added files), join (well what do you think?) and links (which offers links to further candid ass sites). I joined the page for you to test its content. The member content is subdivided into three main categories: the big ass category, curvy category and at last but not least the guest category.

Last one offers pictures and clips taken by fans and other photographers around the world. Curvy Asses means “sexy, not fat, well curved”. The pictures and clips show many different girls walking along the street and beeing photographed. The big ass category shows the xxl-sized asses which are a bit more chubby and belong to the “even more curved females”.

The videos have an averaged length from 2 minutes (about 30 MB). The clips are taken in 640×480 with Timebase 29 (NTSC) – the quality is good enough to switch to fullscreen on my 24″ fullHD LCD.

The pictures according to each clip are taken in 800 x 523 pixels, sharp and adequate. All in all the page offers lots of great candid shots and keeps what it promises!


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